2013 Woodworth Reunion  Nova Scotia,Canada

The 2013 Woodworth Family reunion in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada was a resounding success. The participation from Woodworth’s on both sides of the border was very strong with over 90 attendees going to one or more of the events. We learned a lot about each other and with the help of a very knowledgeable tour guide us Yanks are much more aware of the history of our Planter ancestors and their descendants.

Due to the influx of the Woodworth families to northern New York State after the Revolutionary War, the attendees chose that area for our 2015 Woodworth Family Descendants Reunion.  This reunion will be held from Sunday, June 7th to Wednesday, June 10, 2015.  Block your calendar time out now so that you won't plan for something else during that time period.  Dale & I are doing the research to determine the exact location.  We'll let you know as soon as we know.

This reunion is for all Woodworth's and all Woodworth's, no matter when you were married out of the name, are welcome. 

If you have any suggestions or ideas for future reunions, don't be shy (I know that  most Woodworth's aren't) let us know.

Tour Guide: Ken

Ken was our able tour guide. Thanks to Ken we received two well researched and informative tours.  On the first day, we toured the relevant Woodworth areas in Kings County, Nova Scotia.  The following morning we visited Grand Pre National Park and also the Mudville area (aka Wolfville).  Without his input our tours would not have been as informative or fun.

Local Guru: Glenda

Glenda Bishop was our guiding light.  Glenda researched the area and discovered much of the local Woodworth history. She understood our goals and guided both us and Ken to the areas that we needed to be to lead this great tour and reunion.

  Scott's Gazette

This Gazette was created for our pleasure by R. Scott Woodworth.  Thank you, Scott.

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