The Beginning


In February 2005, members of the Rootsweb Woodworth mail list, an online genealogy discussion group, decided to have an East Coast Woodworth reunion for the descendants of Walter Woodworth of Scituate, born about 1610.  A decision was made by the group to have their first reunion in Plymouth, MA, in June 2005, followed by additional reunions in odd numbered years, 2007, 2009, etc.  The alternating years were planned so as to coordinate with the West Coast Reunions held on even years.    Lowell Woodworth (who first suggested organizing a Woodworth Family Reunion in 1986 in Volume 2 of The Woodworth Family Newsletters, published by Jeanette Woodworth Behan) volunteered to organize the East Coast reunions.    In the first reunion, the group traveled the short distance from Plymouth to Scituate to visit the Scituate Historical Society Museum,  Walter’s first home site on Kent Street, Woodworth Hill, and Samuel (the Poet) Woodworth’s home.   

The second Woodworth East Coast Reunion was held in June, 2007, again in the Plymouth Massachusetts area. The participants concentrated on Walter Woodworth and family.  For a change of place, the third Woodworth East Coast Reunion was held in June, 2009 in Corning New York. In the 1800’s, there was a large Woodworth family migration into the area. Additionally, this area was chosen because of the location of a Woodworth House owned by Fran Ambroselli. It was a Bed & Breakfast called the Villa Serendip. Unfortunately that lovely home burned down a few years later. The fourth Woodworth East Coast Reunion was held in the Lebanon Connecticut area in June of 2011. Most of Walter’s third and fourth generation descendants migrated to this eastern Connecticut area. The fifth and most recent reunion was held in June of 2013, in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. This location was chosen due to the migration of seven of Walter's 4th and 5th generation descendants. They relocated there and have produced a large and prolific family. Our next Woodworth Family Descendants Reunion will be held in the northeastern section of the state of New York. This is due to the fact that most migrating Woodworth descendants either settled or passed through there on their way out west. You may have noted that the name has been changed because the committee decided that it better represented the interest of the participants. The new name represents more of a genealogical intent and helps to separate our reunions from more local area family reunions. We would also like to build the success we had recruiting Woodworth’s from our Canadian neighbors. This is in keeping with the desire to include as many Woodworth's as possible.  Additionally, after DNA findings disclosed that not all Woodworths are descended from Walter, and thus are not all genetically related, the reunions have been extended to the entire Woodworth surname. 


  2007 Plymouth, MA

2007 - held from June 24 to June 27th in Plymouth MA.  Visited Walter Woodworth original land grant, Men From Kent Cemetery, Stockbridge Grist Mill & Poet Samuel Woodworth homestead and location of his "Olde Wooden Bucket" in Situate MA, and Little Compton, RI.

 2009 Corning, NY

2009 - held in Cornwall NY from June 21 to June 24th.  Visited Woodworth 1800'th house and Fran Ambrossi's Bed and Breakfast.


 2011 Griswold, CT

2011 - Held June 12 - 16 in Griswold, CT.  Visited and explored Lebanon and Columbia Co Connecticut where some 2nd and 3rd generation Woodworth's migrated to.