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Thanks to the following pledged contributors we have started the research process. Judith Moore is the name of the person we hired to conduct the research. She has received the relevant information and her deposit to conduct a preliminary search. If she can't find any information she will stop, if she does find our Woodworth family she will continue and with standard genealogical research procedures and keep me informed of her progress. This information will be posted on this site with periodic email updates.

Our Research Benefactors

  • Harry G Woodworth
  • Guy Gansel
  • Woody & Betty Woodworth
  • Karen Ware
  • Katheryn Knudsen
  • Dale & Diane Woodworth Liebert
  • Melanie & Doug Woodworth
  • John Woodworth
  • Alfred Woodworth
  • Mary Jane Wood
  • Iris Watson
  • Carol St. John
  • Fran Jenner
  • Michelle Daniels
  • Clyde Woodworth
  • Bill Woodworth
  • Scott Woodworth
  • Jean Woodworth


Recent News

March 15, 2014 – Genealogist Judith Moore has started on our search. She is starting off with 4 hours and will report her progress within the next 3 weeks.

April 15, 2014 – Our Genealogist Judith Moore has email us some preliminay findings. She has uncovered some evidence of Woodworths were living in the Saint Mary's at Eccles parish, Lancaster – which is located a few miles from Manchester, England. According to Wikipedia, Eccles developed in the 13th Century, however, earlier settlements have recently been discovered. The parish of Eccles included the townships of Barton-upon-Irwell, Clifton, Pendlebury, Pendleton & Worsley and toward the end of the Dark Ages had a population of about 4000. It should be noted that Saint Mary's at Eccles is an Anglican church. While most of the names are Woodworth there are some are Wadsworth.  Because we have so few leads, it is recommended that we follow all names similar to Woodworth. She is  searching the following Woodworth spellings: Woodworth, Woodworthe, Woodwort, Woodworde, Woodword, Woodwarde, Wodwort, Wodward, Woddworthe, Wodwort, Woodword, Woodward, Wodsworthe, Wodsworth and Wadsworth. Our next step is to research the probate records in the hopes of discovering some informative wills that will help us build on these family units.

These are names she has discovered in the Manchester area.

  • 1571 Oct 28 – Richard Woodworth married Elizabeth Langley
  • 1575 Jun 18 – Marie daughter of Roger Woodworth was baptized
  • 1582 Aug 23 – George son of Richard Woodworth was buried
  • 1582 Nov 18 – Richard Wadsworth married Margaret Holker
  • 1583 Sep 1 – Isabella Woodworth married Christopher Entwistle
  • 1584 Apr 19 – Helena Woodworth was baptized
  • 1589 Oct 20 – Lawrence Woodworth was baptized
  • 1589/90 Jan 5- Edmund Woodworth was baptized – Jan 11 was buried
  • 1590 Jan 12 – John son of Edward Woodworth was baptized
  • 1592 Nov 18 – Uxr wife of Charles Woodworth was buried
  • 1593/4 Jan 2 – Charles Woodworth was buried
  • 1593 Apr 22 – Edward son of Edward Woodworth was baptized
  • 1593 May 27 – Charles Woodworth married Elizabeth Dombell
  • 1595 Sep 23 – infant Edmund Woodworth was buried
  • 1596 Jun 1 – Isabella Woodworth was baptized
  • 1596 Oct 10 – William Woodworth was baptized
  • 1603 Aug 28 – John son of Richard Woodworth was baptized
  • 1606 Dec 6 – Edmund Woodworth was buried
  • 1606/7 24 Jan – infant Leonard Wadsworth was buried
  • 1608 30 Apr – Ellen Woodworth was buried
  • 1611 Jul 28 – John Woodworth married Alicea Rothwell
  • 1612 Jun 24 – Edmund son of John Woodworth married Ana Lightborne de Biule Hill
  • 1614 Apr 25 – Richard Woodworth married Alice Hardey
  • 1615 Mar 28 – Uxr wife of John Woodworth was buried
  • 1616 Oct 22 – Richard Woodworth married Margarett Smith
  • 1617 Aug 24 – Ralph son of Richard Woodworth was baptized
  • 1618/19 Jan 24 – John son of John Woodworth was baptized
  • 1618 May 31 – Isabell Woodworth married Awin Sear
  • 1619 Apr 30 – “Old Nicholls” from John Woodworth was buried – a servant???
  • 1621 Jan 8 – William Woodworth married Anne Birch
  • 1621/2 Mar 24 – John son of William Woodworth was baptized
  • 1625 Oct 16 – John son of Richard Woodworth was baptized
  • 1627 Oct 16 – John Woodworth married Anne Trafford
  • 1627 Oct 29 – Isabell daughter of John Woodworth was buried
  • 1629 Jul 8 – William Woodworth married Elizabeth Hancock
  • 1631 Jan 10 – John Woodworth married Elizabeth Wardleworth
  • 1631 Jun 12 – William son of Hugh Wadsworth was buried
  • 1631 Oct 20 – Gillian wife of John Woodworth was buried
  • 1633 Jul 31 – Hamlet Wadsworth was buried
  • 1634 Jun 3 – James Wadsworth was buried
  • 1635 May 27- Elin daughter of Huge Wadsworth was buried
  • 1635 Sep 21-Margarett Wadsworth married Randle Smith
  • 1635/6 at Barton upon Irwell, suburb of Manchester, “theft of fuel from a tailor named Edmund Greaves of Eccles by Elizabeth, wife of John Woodworth, a shoemaker".
  • 1636 at Cartmel – Richard Allantis, husbandman, to keep peace to Timothy Woodworth
  • 1637/8 Mar 6 – Raphe Woodworth alias Andrew was buried
  • 1637 Oct 8 – Margarett Wadsworth widow was buried
  • 1638 Sep 11 – Margarett Wadsworth married John Milles
  • 1638 Aug 27 – Joane wife of Hughe Wadsworth was buried
  • 1639 Feb 16 – Peter Wadsworth married Anne Parin

Research Project:  Background Information

NorthWest EnglandAs far as facts about the early life and family of Walter goes, we know that Walter arrived in North America in the 1630's. Everything else previous to his arrival is conjecture. To help provide some insight into the Woodworth's before Walter arrived on the shores, we are using a professional genealogical researcher familiar with the area we are guessing Walter originated from.

Genealogical Approach:

Because we know more about the people surrounding Walter, we attribute these “facts” to Walter. These individuals came from the west central section of Britain and thus we infer that Walter originated from the same area. We have now hired a genealogist who researches in the central western section of Britain - Manchester, Cheshire & Lancaster. This is the area where Henry Woodworth's will was located. I contacted the church and there is a Catherine Woodworth who was buried there in 1589. This indicates that there were Woodworth's in the area during the time Walter Woodworth was heading to Plymouth.

...we know that Walter arrived in North America in the 1630's. Everything else previous to his arrival is conjecture...

DNA Approach:

Some recent DNA results seem to be showing that the Woodworth's came from Scotland and the Orcan Island's area and worked their way south. I am a member of ScotlandsPeople  and besides finding another spelling for Woodworth (Woodnorth) we aren't represented in the records they have for the 1600's. This area will be expanded as time, data and resources permit.


DNA PictureNow that we are getting a good understanding as to the nature of the "Gold" standard for Walter's Y-DNA, it would be helpful to start exploring the available Y-DNA science databases. The current process of having Woodworth's test their DNA by FamilyTreeDNA has been very helpful and provides a real service and should be continued to be used. However exploring these free public databases may expand our understanding of the Woodworth line.


Diane Woodworth Liebert is in the process of researching the possibility of finding out the nature of the mtDNA from the Walter Woodworth line. Actually, it is the mtDNA associated with the Walter's wife. In order to do this, she has been tracing the daughter to daughter to daughter line. A major constraint is due to the fact that mtDNA is contributed only by the mother. As we all know, because of the tradition of the female name change in marriage, the process is much more difficult.  Diane will be presenting an update on her progress in this part of the Web site

Walter in Pictures

Walter Composit

When a person is born in this day and age, we start producing a written record. Our weight and length are recorded along with our parentage. In time our school records and medical records. Yes, we did get the polio vaccine and broke our arm. All dutifully recorded add added to the record. Drivers license and drivers record: all recorded and added to our record. Now that everything from a phone to a ATM machine has a camera attached to it, we are leaving plenty of pictures in our wake. We can only speculate as to what Walter might have looked like but we may actually be able to find out more about his early life. It will take some skill and luck!