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Woodworth Family Stories


This section is for our Woodworth Stories.  We will include Woodworth related stories that you wish to share.  Please feel free to send us stories about your families or events that you think will be of interest to the rest of us.  This way we can all enjoy our history together.

The Covenanters Church

(Submitted by Alfred Woodworth)

On our free time Diane and I visited what is called the Old Covenanters Church, Grande Pre, Nova Scotia, which is designated as an historic site. The church was built between 1808 thru 1811, and was the first Presbyterian Church in the area. We were particularly interested in it because the most prominent Deacon (chief administrative officer) was Elihu Woodworth (1771 –1853).  He was also prominent in community affairs as well. He was a farmer with land in the Grand Pre area and he kept a diary recording matters relating to both church and daily farm and community life. He spoke of crops, cutting wood, and the weather etc. His writing also suggested politeness and a certain formality in those days as he refers to visits of a Miss Woodworth. He never mentions her first name.  The Covenanter church itself is one different from any other I have seen in that it has double decker pulpits which you see in the pictures. The lower one I understand was often used by a lay reader to read the scriptures. The higher one puts one pretty much eyeball to eyeball with those sitting in the balcony. I take it from the back of the diary the Wolfville Historical Society published, that Elihu’s genealogy was , Walter,  Benjamin, Ebenezer, Joseph (the original grantee),  Elihu, Joseph,  James,  Frederick William, and Frederick Irving who was born in 1885 and married Alice Eaton in 1915. 

Robert Sessions Woodworth

Robert Sessions Woodworth (1869-1962) was an influential American academic psychologist of the first half of the twentieth century. He studied under William James along with such prominent psychologists as Leta Stetter Hollingworth, James Rowland Angell, and Edward Thorndike.  (Wikipedia)

Robert Sessions Woodworth was a preeminent Psychologist in the early years of the development of the whole field of Psychology.

John Maynard Woodworth

--- A man in a hurry and the first US Surgeon General

Charles W Woodworth

--- A noted entomologist and world sanitation expert

Abraham Lincoln and the Woodworths

--- The Woodworth Lincoln Connection