2019 Woodworth Family Reunion – Staffordshire, England


Woodworth Family Descendants (WFD)

You may have noted that our name was changed. The committee decided that it better represented the interest of the participants.   The new name represents more of a genealogical intent and helps to separate our reunions from more local area family reunions. We would also like to build the success we had recruiting Woodworths from our Canadian neighbors.

Genealogical Research

Geneological Research Report:

We have great news for the Walter Woodworth family in America. The original Baptismal record of our Walter Woodworth has been discovered.  In addition, the original marriage license for Walter’s parents was also located. We now know where Walter was baptized and probably born in England. The search for this location is over!

If you can recall, we hired a Genealogist located in England to provide us help in locating information about Walter. Her name was Judith Moore and she was tasked with trying to find Woodworth family information around the Manchester area.  Since most genealogical research involves negative results, Judith was able to establish that we were searching the wrong area.  Thanks to the information developed by Marvin Woodworth (WWW.Woodworth-Ancestors.Com ) based on Y-DNA testing, it became apparent that the Staffordshire area in England would be a good area to research. Thus, last October I contracted with Dr. Stephen Taylor (BA, PhD, SFG, FGRA), a genealogical researcher who specializes in the Midlands area of England. I received Dr Taylor’s initial research report in December of 2016 with a final report received in March of 2017.

Dr. Taylor found that Walter Woodworth was baptized on 28 June 1608 in Stowe by Chartley St. John Baptist, Staffordshire. Additionally, based on records from the same location, Walter’s parents were Henry Woodworth and Jone Webe.  Henry and Jone were married in Stowe by Chartley St. John Baptist, Staffordshire on 18 May 1600.

One of the reasons that Walter’s name was so elusive is because the original record is in such poor condition that whenever those records were abstracted his first name was indexed as William.  If you look closely at the image labeled Baptismal Record: Walter Woodworth, you will see the problem.  Because of the confusion, Dr. Taylor arranged to personally view the original record.  Dr Taylor used ultraviolet lighting to assist in the quality of the picture but was unable to produce a clear image. We will have to rely on Dr Taylors expertise and experience in examining records of this type. We are currently working to enhance these images using computer software. (Genealogists Rule Number One: ALWAYS look at the original record because mistakes can and are made on abstracted copies). 

Dr. Taylor also found the baptismal record for Walter’s brother, Thomas.  His baptismal date was 27 Oct 1605. 

 Our researcher also reported that he could not find any other Woodworth’s in the Stowe, Staffordshire area but did find many Webe family members living there. Nor did he find any death or burial records for Henry or Jone. However when he expanded his search he found a Thomas Woodworth married a Marie Milner in Derby in 1629 and will continue to search in that area to try and locate the death records for Henry and Jone Webe Woodworth.

I am hoping that we have more information to share with all of you at the reunion. In any case, I will be presenting details of these findings.



Woodworth 2019 Reunion Details


Our 2019 Woodworth Family reunion will be held in Staffordshire, England, in September 2019.  As of this printing no other plans have been finalized, however we will both contact those persons that have contacted us and post the events as they occur.  Please stay tuned, and for those who will be attending, don’t forget to either update or get your passport.




 Baptismal Record: Walter Woodworth