Woodworth's Lake George 2015 Reunion


Woodworth Family Descendants (WFD)

You may have noted that our name was changed. The committee decided that it better represented the interest of the participants.   The new name represents more of a genealogical intent and helps to separate our reunions from more local area family reunions. We would also like to build the success we had recruiting Woodworths from our Canadian neighbors.

Genealogical Research

Geneological Research Report: Despite Judith Moore's our genealogist best efforts, she was unable to locate any relevant information that will help us locate where Walter Woodworth came from. Our fund still has enough money to hire another genealogist for one more search. After reviewing recently published DNA results, they appear to suggest that our background could be from the Viking/Orcan Island area. I'm thinking that we may have better luck if we search the northeastern coast of Ireland. Historically King James I relocated many Scottish families into northern Ireland. The Viking migration came around the northwestern coast of Scotland - see Map below


Woodworth 2015 Reunion

Reunion details: On June 7 - 10, 2015, the Woodworth Genealogical Family will hold their biennial reunion: This year it will be held in Lake George, New York. The reason this area was chosen is as we follow the Woodworth family migrating pattern, from the original location in Situate, Plymouth Colony, where our progenitor, Walter Woodworth, settled, and head west as his descendants did, we find ourselves in northeastern New York state at the end of the Revolutionary War as the family followed the nation's western expansion. During this reunion we will explore the Saratoga Battlefield where General Gates confiscated Ephraim Woodworth's home to live in while managing the famous battle of October 7, 1777 that turned the tide of the Revolutionary War. Grant's Cottage

We will also be meeting and conversing with President/General Ulysses S. Grant, and learning about the local Underground Railroad. Our traditional banquet will be held on The Mohican as we float on Lake George.

If you are interested in American History, the Lake George area is a great place to visit as it also includes the string of Forts that were built during and used for both the French and Indian War battles and the Revolutionary War battles that were held in that area.